All brands of laptop and all kinds of repair undertaken.
All Brands of Laptop ‐ From Screen Repair to Virus Removal

We fix all brands of laptop! From entry level to Alienware gaming laptops.

We look after you with our no‐quibble 6 month warranty on repairs and high end customer support.

Free pickup ‐ Free Drop off ‐ NO‐FIX‐NO‐FEE!

Laptop Screen Repair

does it look like black ink splodged accross your screen? Lines appearing across your screen, or flickering multicoloured patterns? Most likely you need your screen replaced. We at TechFix are laptop screen repair specialists. We offer the best priced solutions to meet your budget and give an honest and fair assessment or your machine.

Our same day service means in most cases we can get your laptop back to you within a couple of hours if we have your part in stock.

Virus & Malware Removal

It is one of the most common problems that we see at TechFix. Viruses and malware can be dangerous to the health of Windows, and your bank account or personal details. It is one of the main reasons for a slow running laptop, and one of the top reasons why Windows doesn't start.

With our same day service, we endeavour to get your PC back to you within a few hours where possible.

Hard Drive or SSD Replacement

If you hard drive is not functioning as well as it used to, or maybe you just want to increase storage capacity or speed, then replacing or upgrading your hard drive os SSD is the way to go. A failing hard drive is another main reason for Windows running slowly. Upgrade from a standard hard drive to an SSD and you will see huge increases in the speed of your laptop.

We can replace your hard drive for you and install Windows to have you up and running the same day.

Data Recovery

A faulty hard drive carries the risk of losing vital data. Often files and photos are at risk of being irretrievable by normal methods. We have ways to retrieve your data and prevent you from losing your photos or files. If you accidently deleted a file and need it recovered, STOP USING YOUR laptop and call us straight away.

We can offer a wide range of recovery services, including software and advanced recovery solutions. Click here for more details.

Laptop Not Powering Up

There are many reasons why a laptop will not power up. From faulty chargers to motherboard issues and RAM, we can diagnose and fix you issue quickly and effectively.

We can replace your power supply or motherboard the same day, or we can repair your main board if you prefer. All of which is covered by our 30 Day Warranty!

Windows Not Starting

Diagnosing Windows start up problems can be long winded and frustrating. You may receive a Blue Screen of Death (BOS), or not even making it past your manufacturer splash page. Recovering windows is one of the most common scenarios we get at TechFix.

Let us recover Windows for you if possible, or we can reinstall from scratch according to your needs. This a same day service.

Charger Port Replacement

Another common problem that we see is charger port damage. This can lead to problems with your motherboard if left too long.

We can replace your charger port in no time at all. Call us now to arrange your repair.

Other Laptop Issues

There are many other laptop issues that you may have. Call us with your issue and we will be happy to help.