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Special Offer - Upgrade To SSD & Windows 10 Pro For Just £110!

SPECIAL OFFER! - We are offering a superb summer deal. We can upgrade your PC or laptop to a 500gb Solid State drive (SSD) loaded with Windows 10 pro for just £110! If your laptop or PC is a little older and needs an upgrade, this is a perfect way to save money on a new computer system and benefit from the speeds that come with solid state technology.

How this works - We can come and pick up your machine at no cost to you. We install your new SSD and load Windows 10, and then drop it back to you at no extra cost ALL IN THE SAME DAY!

All of our work is guaranteed and our no-fix-no-fee rule applies. You can make arrangements for our same day service up to 3pm, or we can arrange a day of your choice to pick up if your prefer. We can also pick up for our next day service from 3pm to 9pm.

Call 01489 505528 or 07787 845086 to arrange your upgrade.

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Screen Repair Specialists - With over 23 years of experience with repairing laptops, one of the most common repairs is the screen. TechFix can supply and fit almost any screen and bring your laptop back to life, and in many cases we can have your laptop screen replaced and back in your hands the same day.

All of our screens are high quality replacements and have a 1 year warranty from defect so you can have peace of mind. We take great pride in our work, so we also give you a 6 month warranty on our work. Touch screens are no problem. Not only do we want to make sure you are happy with your repair, our prices are kept as low as possible in order to give you the best possible value for money.

We also offer a free pick up and drop off service, even if you decide not to go ahead with any work, and we can pick up, or drop off up to 9pm. As with all of our work, you are not obligated to go ahead with any repair. As you can see, we have gone to great lengths to make sure you get the service that you need.

Why Choose TechFix?

Why Choose Us?








About TechFix

About Us

TechFix has been repairing computers and laptops for over 23 years. We have a wide area coverage that includes Southampton & Portsmouth through to Winchester & Horndean. Most of our work is on a call out basis.

Since we started, our list of services has grown. We cover network issues, deal with calls to ISP's and give lessons that are tailored to suit your needs.

Above all, our main objectives have always been to make sure that we provide a service that gives satisfaction for our customers and great value for money, and on the odd occasion something does go wrong, excellent customer services .

Where Are We

Where Are We?

We are based at:

32 Meadcroft Close, Warsash, Southampton, SO31 9GE

we are roughly 10 minutes away from Junction 9 of the M27 and within reach of both Southampton & Portsmouth.

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If you need help finding us please call us on
01489 505528 or 07787 845086.

PC & Laptop Repair - All Brands

PC & Laptop Repairs - We repair any brand of PC, computer or laptop. Whatever the problem, from viruses to hardware issues, we can resolve them for you. We can also set up your network and help you get connected to networked PC's, computers, laptops, printers and other devices. If you want to sync your devices with Google calendars or through iCloud, we can help. Streaming from your PC, computer or laptop, iphone or android device to your networked TV is another service we can provide. Setting up cloud services so that you can view files and photos on different devices, installing software, finding you the right anti-virus and giving support for all of your devices, we can offer more than just repair services.

Setting smart devices, such as iPhones, Android phones and tablet PC's can be a daunting task for some. We can take the stress out of setting them up for you. Syncing data between smart phones and tablets can be a very useful tool. Not only can we set these up for you, we can also teach you how to get the best from your device so you can be more productive at work or in the home. Networking with other types of devices, such as computers, laptops and printers can help you make your devices work for you. Our services offer you a comprehensive support package that will help you get the most from all of your devices.

With the many computer viruses that are about, it can be daunting choosing your antivirus software. Most people buy according to what they think is a good price, but get let down by poor service and even fake programs. If you need advice on the best protection for your PC, laptop, tablet PC or mobile then give us a call and we will be happy to help. Very soon we will be writing some reviews on the various software that is available to you in order to help you decide what is suitable for your needs. We are also placing links to genuine providers of antivirus software so that you do not get taken to fake sites or dubious companies out to scam you out of every penny they can get. You can see these links on our Resources page

1st September 2021

We have just recently helped the Bede's Lea pub in North Baddesly with their laptop issues. Not only that but we had a lovely meal and the staff were great. Great meal, great staff and great atmosphere. You can find them at 112 Rownhams Lane, North Baddesley, Southampton, SO52 9LX. Visit their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/BedesLeapub/.

31st August 2021

We have extended our monthly PC and laptop service offer until the begining of next year. For £15 we visit your property and scan you system for viruses and malware, clean your system of junk, check system file integrity, check your hard drive health and for errors, and keep Windows up to date. As well as this, if your computer needs a reinstall of Windows you are covered and do not have to pay anything. There is no contract but you must use this service monthly to qualify.

9th November 2020

Many have been in contact regarding the feature update to windows 10 version 2004. Laptops and PC's are having major issues with this update. We can reverse this for you and get your computer running smoothly again. If you would like to to stop the update coming down and installing, we can set this up for you. However, we always suggest alowing updates in the end.

06 January 2020

Firstly, we at TechFix would like to wish all of our customers a happy new year, and we look forward to serving you during 2020.

We are currently extanding our price for a limited time for upagrading hard drives to Solide State Drives (SSD's). If your PC, computer or laptop is running slow and you don't want to buy a new one, upgrades can bring new life to an old machine. Currently we charge £110 and offer a 1 year warranty. This also includes an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and migration of your files.

We are also offering those with standard SSD's an upgrade to M.2 drives, the latest and fastest drives on the market. Prices vary greatly so please call us for a price. The upgrade includes Windows 10 Pro and migration of your files. If you are interested in taking us up on any of these offers please call 01489 505528 or 07787845086.

27th August 2019

We are offering upgrades to your PC or Laptop to Solid State Drives for £110! Take advantage of the super fast speeds that can be acheived through upgrading. Even an old machine can be revived with an upgrade like this. The price is based on a 500GB drive and Windows 10 Pro. This includes migrating your data (unfortunately programs cannot be migrated and prices vary according to prgrams required).

Not only are we offering this fantastic price for your upgrade, but we offer a same day service! We can pick up, or you can drop your PC or Laptop off to us. All drive are warrantied for 1 year and all Windows activations are guaranteed for the lifetime of your hard drive. If you are interested in taking us up on this offer please call 01489 505528 or 07787845086.

15th July 2019

We have just built a website for Patron Printers in Fareham. After having many issues, we have taken on their email and website hosting service. Although we are not a website development company, we had to help our customer as she was having so many problems with her hosting. Although we are quite happy with our attempts at building a website for Patron, I think we will stick with laptop and PC repairs for now.

We are all for supporting local businesses, so please feel free to visit their website at www.patron-printers.co.uk.

1st July 2019

After a huge response and success of our laptop software service and virus removal special offer in Whitely, we are now moving on to offering the same service to Titchfield and Fareham. Our service includes freecallout, free pickup and free return.

We are also offering a 10% discount on laptop screen replacements this week. This service is offered in all areas that we cover and include our out of hours service.

We are dedicated to offering our customers the best possible services. Although we were hoping to bring you our new news section last month, we have had to put off some of the changes to our website. However, we hope to bring you up to date with news from the IT industry very soon.

17th May 2019

In the next few weeks we will be offering PC and laptop software services and virus removal for just £15. On Monday 20th May we will be offering this service to customers in Whiteley. Our service includes a virus check, system integrity scan, hard drive check as well as any software repairs needed. We will also check hardware for any issues free of charge. After Whiteley we will be offering this service to customers in Titchfield. We have had a huge response from each area that we have visited. We hope to help you with any issues that you may have.

We also have a special offer on our laptop screen repair service. For the whole of next month we will be offering a 10% discount on all screen repairs. We offer our services throughout the Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth areas. All customers can take advantage of the savings from this offer.

On a more personal note, we have been helping our friends at Photographic Adventures build their website. I would like to encourage you all to visit their new site next month. We will update you when the site is live. We have been acting more as an advisor and to help them through some of the more complicated issues, but I hope that once the site is up and running, as many of our customers as possible will show their support for this local non-profit enterprise. Considering that our friend is in his eighties and still prepared to learn something as complicated as web design, I think he has done extremely well to acheive so much in such a short amount of time.

As of next month we will be briging you news about what is happening in the tech world. Everything from laptops, gaming PC's through to printers and mobile phones; if it is tech they we will report on it. Look out for our notice and we will let you know when we start publishing.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and continued business and hope to keep serving you all in the future.

19th March 2019

We will be giving our site a makeover soon. We want to offer the best possible PC and Laptop repair services and we believe that starts at the point of contact. We will be making it easier to contact us and give you more information to help you see what services you offer and where we offer them to you. Our website will not be taken down, just updated, and our repair and computer support services will not be affected by the changes made. We hope that you have the best possible experience at TechFix, so any comments and suggestions for impoving our site are most welcome.

2nd March 2019
Something Magical

We are proud to announce that we have just finished programming a website for a friend of ours at Something Magical, a stockist for Nemesis Now products. You can view their new site HERE. Although we don't really program websites on a commercial scale, I have to say that we are quite pleased with the way the site has turned out, and I hope that all of our customers will get a chance to visit www.somethingmagical.co.uk and view some of the lovely products they have on sale there.

05 September 2018
Making TechFix a Multi-Lingual Website

At TechFix we pride ourselves on our efforts to make our website as user friendly as possible. With that in mind, we have decided to make our site multi-lingual in order to cater for those who speak other languages. We will be starting work on this in the next few weeks and hope to have things up and running soon. We are also changing a few things in the way you contact us through the site by include a quick message section on the home page. We hope that these changes will help our customers in the future.

04 September 2018
Pavilion on The Park

We have just given members of The Pavilion on The Park lessons on how to be safe online, and how to spot fake emails. We service their laptops on a monthly basis and support this charity as much as possible. Visit their website www.paviliononthepark.org to see everything they do. Also, try dropping into their Blackbird Cafe and sample their food, it is excellent. You can also hire rooms for many different types of activities at a very reasonable price.

06 August 2018
Special Offer - PC & Laptop Service

We are going to be having a special offer for Monday the 13th August. We are offering a complete PC service, inside and software, no matter what type of machine you have for just £20. We are also offering a complete laptop service, inside and software for just £30! To arrange your PC or laptop service please call us on 07787 845086 and we will even arrange to pick up your machine free of charge, or you can drop it off to us, whichever is easiest for you.

30 July 2018
Photographic Adventures Website

Today we have been helping our good friends at Photographic Adventures (photographicadventures.co.uk). It can be a daunting task setting up a website but imagine what it is like to try to build one! The old site was more of a trial run, and is now being improved on due to the dedication from the site owner. We take pride in helping and advising him in this difficult task. If you get the chance, check out the old site and revisit in a few months time. Let us know what you think and we will update them on your opinions.

19 May 2018
Chimneypots Estate Agents

TechFix has just finished servicing Chimneypots Estate Agents Computers. Currently based at Universal Marina in Sarisbury, they are a local company that have blossomed over the past few years. We support local businesses and encourage you to use smaller local businesses like theirs in order to get a more personal service. Thanks to local support and business, there services have expanded into other related areas.

They now are a letting service as well as Estate Agents. Local landlords will most definitely get a good service from this company. Not only are they dedicated to their customers, but their work ethic is second to none (with the exception of our maybe!!). You can contact Chimney pots by going to their website: www.chimneypotsestateagent.co.uk, or calling 01489 584298.

12 March 2018

While you are looking for your ideal home, why not check out Mark Dove at TT Mortgages. We have provided our services for his computer systems for quite some time now. Also based at Universal Marina, he offers his expertise to people from all walks in life, including those with a less than 100% credit rating. Why not give Mark a call on 01489 232121 or visit his website at: www.top10mortgagesuk.co.uk.

If your business uses our services, please let us know and we will be happy to mention you here. Join us in supporting local businesses!

25th January 2018
Age Concern Eastleigh

We currently service the PC and network system for Age Concern in Eastleigh. We always try to support local charities in their struggle to raise funds and their other endeavors. If you would like to support Age Concern please get in contact with them on 02380 620275. Many of the voluteers there are quite elderly themselves. It would be nice if we can encourage a few younger people to volunteer in whatever way they can. Please remember, these charities rely on all of us to help them provide the lifeline to the elderly so please support them by donating either time or money. Afterall, we all get old and we all need help. If you would like to know how to help, please call them on 02380 620275.

On a lighter note, we would also like to congratulate Devon Kandiah from Age Concern who, even though he is into his seventies, is not only a very active volunteer but also completed a skydive! Not only is this a remarkable achievement, but he is also a remarkable man. His time is filled with good deeds as he is also a member of the board of trustees for Pavilion on The Park in Chandlers Ford. We would like to wish Devon all the best in any future events that he takes part in.

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